Our Land

To Rodi is situated just under 2 km south of Zarakes village, more commonly known as Zarka, on a hilltop overlooking the Aegean sea. A beautiful Mediterranean natural landscape surrounds the land; to the east lies the Aegean sea, with the closest beach (Fourniako) being approximately 5’ drive. To the west, you can reach Agios Dimitrios beach in less than 10’. To the north and south lies rural land filled primarily with olive trees and Mediterranean bushes and wild vegetation.

To Rodi has several distinct features which include:

  • Five stone guesthouses and a reception/breakfast building.
  • A fruit and nut orchard
  • A “perivoli” (seasonal vegetable garden)
  • A vineyard with local grapes
  • A Mediterranean herbs and flowers garden
  • A natural play area for children

And of course, since we are in Greece, dotted all over our land and providing us with fruit, oil, wood and much needed shade in summertime, are the century-old olive trees.

We are continuously learning the rhythms of the seasons on our land, and our aim is to year on year become increasingly self-sufficient in seasonal vegetables, fruits and olive oil and offering them to our guests.

You are welcome to wander around, participate in seasonal garden activities, or simply enjoy the tranquil surroundings.