Metabolic Typing – An Introduction

Are you running on the right energy? That depends on whether you are a Ferrari or a Mack Truck?

Imagine you are the proprietor of an attractive, big, read more (–news-231711) brand new Mack Truck, plus you pull into pretty much the most exclusive petrol station that provides the best gas out of the world’s leading refinery. Today this gas is just like it gets, and you’re using the best truck on 18 wheels. The man in the station decides to fit the ideal quality gasoline in that serious diesel engine. Oops! That Mack Truck had better have a lot of sleeping area since you’re not going anywhere fast. Now it’s not the fuel’s or the truck’s fault, it was easily the bad energy.

This analogy between proper fuel source and individuality is the idea behind Metabolic Typing. Below we examine:

o What Metabolic Typing is

o The 3 basic Metabolic Types

o The history behind Metabolic Typing

o The method that you can learn which Metabolic Type you are?

What is Metabolic Typing?

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