Leafy Cat Food Helps Prevent Plaque and Dental Problems

The percentages are high that adult cats have a plaque as well as dental issues at some stage. Prevention is a cat’s guardian greatest tool. Crunchy dry food coupled with everyday brushing will be the most effective tools for the guardian of a kitten/cat to use to prevent gingivitis.

I use the phrase guardian rather than owner, simply because no one has a cat. Most cat guardians know I’m telling the reality. Cat’s rule in their world and we just get what they decide to give us.


When a cat is feed a diet of soft foods only, it increases the risks of dental problems. Nourishment becomes trapped in the places of all the teeth and in the gum line. This is the initial step for go now bacteria to develop and turn into plaque.

Plaque left untreated will turn into gingivitis and gingivitis turns into periodontal disease. This does have an effect on the quality of life for the feline friend of yours.

Dental problems are able to lead to heart failure, damage the kidneys and liver. Cats are good at hiding the discomfort of theirs so that they might have a sinus infection, toothache, or perhaps an ulcer on the gums and also you not realize it. Even, arthritis and diabetes may be traced back to tooth problems.

Tooth problems left untreated can and will cause major health issues for the cat of yours.


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