About Us

To Rodi is an Ecolodge run by Yannis and Wesal (with the occasional help of Filippos and Phaedra Layla).

Yannis: I was born and raised in the nearby village, Krieza. After completing my university studies, I went straight into the aerospace industry, working for 12 years in England and Germany before I decided it was time to return home and set up a family business.

The idea of coming back to Evia to start up an Ecolodge sprung to mind after visiting Sicily. I was drawn to the idea of hosting people, working on the land, watching it grown and mature and eventually becoming self-sufficient. And so, with a big leap of faith, good timing and support from family and friends, I returned home with my family to start up To Rodi. 

I speak Greek, English and I can just about understand the very basics of German and Arabic.

Wesal: I was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in Bahrain before returning to Egypt to study and work in the refugee and human rights field. I met Yannis in 2006 during our postgraduate studies in England and we moved to Berlin, Germany in 2012, while adding two little people to our family. Evia for me was always our holiday destination, but when we formed the idea of starting up our family business that could involve meeting people from Greece and around the world, as well as the chance to grow our own food and spend a lot of time outdoors, it didn’t take long to make the decision to move permanently to Greece.

I speak English, Arabic, German and Greek (as well as a tiny bit of Polish).

Filippos and Phaedra Layla: The two youngest members of the family and our little helpers are Filippos and Phaedra Layla. Filippos attends Zarka primary school and is a huge Minecraft fan and Phaedra Layla is a spirited toddler who keeps us all on our feet. 

We are very happy to host and show you around our beautiful land. We hope to see you soon at To Rodi!