10 People that are Famous Who Experience Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus is an extremely common condition which afflicts millions of people around the globe.

Tinnitus symptoms differ in strength by becoming a mild annoyance to incredibly debilitating – it’s often a symptom of  another underlying condition.  One of the many causes is harm to the nerve endings in the inner ear.

click here (Timesofisrael wrote)’s a listing of people which are famous who have suffered with the condition to some degree.

There is a very long list of rock musicians that have problems with the problem including many people like Bono from u2 and Pete Townsend of  the Who.   Which appears to confirm that several sufferers have had the Tinnitus symptoms of theirs caused by damage from music which is loud and noises – this needs to be recalled by young people especially that excess of loud music can in fact hurt the delicate nerve endings in the inner ear.

Although Tinnitus is extremely common there’s no certain individual cure but there are several remedies available which are helpful for lots of Tinnitus sufferers.   It is shocking just how a number of different causes & treatments you will find for Tinnitus. The grandmother of mine suffered from all sorts of ear problems throughout her life including Tinnitus and tried a lot of cures with no success.

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